This Year's Best Ski And Snow Family Vacations
It's time to warm up to snow sports by planning family ski and snowboard vacations. Introduce the kids to the great outdoors at North America's top mountain resorts where, no matter their fitness or ability level, there are snow activities to do together.
by Kyle McCarthy READ MORE
Kids Discovering
Forget a wig. Real spies know there are a lot better ways to disguise your looks-like putting cheek pads in your mouth to change the shape of your appearance. At the Imperial War Museum in London, kids gave a thumbs up to the Horrible Histories Spies exhibit. "Horrible Histories" is a very popular British kids' TV series; This interactive...
by Eileen Ogintz READ MORE
Mankato Christmas Lights: Making the Holiday Merry & Bright
read more under TMS 2012 Sioux Falls, SD
Isn't it funny how the things you tend to really enjoy you just don't do yourself Take Christmas light displays, for example. I will drive miles to see a beautiful display of Christmas lights. But in my own yard... well, we have a couple of lawn decorations. Sad, but true. Though we didn't drive to Minnesota just to view the Mankato Chris...
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A Cajun culinary celebration at L'Auberge, Lake Charles
read more under TMS 2014 Lake Charles, LA
Surrounded by crystal and china in L'Auberge Casino Resort's Le Cafe, the succulent lobster claw sat atop crab, shrimp and avocado. This medley of seafood artfully arranged in a martini glass was bound by tomato water. Not a puree, or watered down salsa, but the simple juice from fresh tomatoes lightly seasoned with just a hint of heat to...
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PHOTO TOUR: IlluminOcean at Dana Point Harbor
read more under TMS Family Travel
IlluminOcean is a brand new holiday event featuring festive sea-themed light sculptures, dazzling light tunnels, a 50-foot GlowMotion tree, and even more exciting – it's FREE! Currently running nightly through January 4th, IlluminOcean is located in Dana Point, California, a small beach town widely known for their whale watching excursion...
by Dave Parfitt READ MORE
Report on TMS Family Travel Conference 2014
read more under TMS Family Travel
A couple of weeks ago, I went to LEGOLAND and SeaWorld without my kids. It was part of the Travel Media Showcase fall conference for family travel writers in Carlsbad, California. Friends and family have been interested in the details of the trip, so I'm sharing the experience here. About 40 writers - nearly all bloggers - were selected t...
by Allison Laypath READ MORE
Janice Nieder

Journalist Spotlight

Janice Nieder

TMS is thrilled to take the opportunity to spotlight some of our TMS Mamas and Papas. Click here to get to know some fun facts about Janice Nieder.
Professional Travelers Share Money-Saving Tips For Holiday Travel Shopping
December 15, 2014
Today's savvy traveler may check out blogs, social media feeds, online travel agencies and the Sunday Travel Section for deals, but nothing beats the advice of trusted friends. And since everyone's Holiday Wish List includes a dream vacation, the expert vacation planners at the 4th TMS Family Travel Conference have shared their money-saving secrets for travel with family, friends or solo adventures.
Take a walk on the wild side in the Cotswolds
December 8, 2014
Ready for a nice country walk for 100 miles or so? The famous Cotswolds Way in Britain is 102 miles, actually, through rolling fields, past villages that couldn't evoke Old England any more than if you were on a film set. Think thatched roofs, winding country lanes, ancient stone cottages, huge manor houses. We stayed in one that's now the Ellenborough Park Hotel-and even Sudeley Castle that once was home to royalty.
This Year's Best Ski And Snow Family Vacations
December 8, 2014
It's time to warm up to snow sports by planning family ski and snowboard vacations. Introduce the kids to the great outdoors at North America's top mountain resorts where, no matter their fitness or ability level, there are snow activities to do together.
Things to Do in the Winter with Kids in the Midwest
December 4, 2014
In the northern part of the center of the US lies a cluster of states affectionately known, to those of us who live here, as 'The Heartland.' Much of the rest of the US, however, knows us as 'Fly-Over Country,' the states one must 'fly over' to get to beaches, mountains, or famous amusement parks.
In Depth Look at Rescue Efforts During SeaWorld San Diego Behind-the-Scenes Tour
December 3, 2014
Our trip to SeaWorld San Diego this November was unprecedented. SeaWorld employees and tour guides treated us to several behind-the-scenes looks at their facilities, including SeaWorld Rescue and a baby dolphin tank. We even got to feed 75-year-old sea turtles! I had no idea the amount of rescue work SeaWorld is involved in. From sea lions to penguins to being the first on the scene to oil spills, SeaWorld is focused on preserving our oceans.
Things to Do for Christmas with Kids in Texas
November 25, 2014
Christmas is a time for twinkling lights, glittering decorations and family memories. And there is no better place to experience all that and more than in Grapevine, the Christmas Capital of Texas. While other towns may decorate for the holiday, or dedicate a park area to the Season, the entire city of Grapevine is transformed from historic Dallas suburb to 'North Pole South' as enormous ornaments appear along the streets and holiday music drifts onto the sidewalks as shop doors open.
Happy (Southwest Louisiana) Trails
November 12, 2014
Lake Arthur has been called one of Louisiana's hidden secrets, an enormous freshwater lake south of Jennings and midway between Lake Charles and Lafayette that’s been attracting hunters and fishermen for years. Since the opening of the Regatta LA Seafood & Steakhouse Restaurant on the water's edge in 2011, the lake has been culling new visitors, many of them day-trippers looking for a chance to relax and watch the sun set over the lake.
Learning About Birding at the South Dakota Birding Festival
November 11, 2014
"Look Mom," my youngest says as she contently stares out our window, "it's a red-breasted warbler." Is it? I have no idea. But she is likely correct. Ever since our trip last spring to the South Dakota Birding Festival, her interest in the feathered friends that surround us at home and as we travel has increased. At a glance she can name dozens of birds, while I am lucky to squeak out a handful without help of a birding book or app.
Taking the Kids -- to the World War II Museum
November 6, 2014
What are your 14 year olds up to? Jack Lucas was in the Marines. Yes, he'd lied about his age to join during World War II, but just three years later he won the Congressional Medal of Honor for using his own body to shield three members of his squad from two grenades during the Iwo Jima campaign, nearly getting killed when one exploded.
Did I Have an Alligator Mother?
November 3, 2014
In the book of life, the decline and death of one's mother is a significant chapter, and when it ends, it is also the end of any hope that things will change for the better. Frankly, I had a very complicated relationship with my difficult mother and I was trying unsuccessfully to make sense of it after her recent death. I figured that traveling was as good a way to heal as any I know, so my husband Paul and I headed for southern Louisiana.
Lafayette, Louisiana
October 31, 2014
Lafayette is considered the soul of Cajun Country and as such is the perfect place to both trace the history of and experience the unique convergence of cultures and the resulting explosion of music, cuisine, art, architecture and lifestyle that set the region apart. This is a city in which it appears the "good times roll" unabated and one is never at a loss for a Cajun-style adventure.
TMS Mamas and Papas
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