Top 5 Multigenerational Vacations for Every Budget
According to findings from the 2015 MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers survey, more than 40 percent of Americans reported taking a multigenerational trip in the previous year. And demand continues to rise, with MMGY Global forecasting multigenerational trips to increase by 7 percent in 2016.
by Kyle McCarthy READ MORE
Kids Clubs - Do They Have A Future At Resorts And On Cruises?
The Driscolls' vacation every year with extended family at a family-centric resort or on a cruise line known for morning-till-night supervised kids' activities. But the five kids - all eight and under - rarely take part in organized kids' programs. "The cousins entertain each other," said Anna Driscoll, playing in a resort pool with the f...
by Eileen Ogintz READ MORE
Sipping Wine in Grapevine, Texas
If ever a wine destination was aptly named, it is Grapevine, Texas. This charming little town, just minutes from the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth airport, is an unexpected throwback to a time of main streets and steam trains. Although these days, that main street is lined with cute shops, restaurants, and wineries, and the train is the Jaz...
by Tamara Gruber READ MORE
Old Time Charm Awaits You in Historic Downtown Grapevine Texas
The moment you catch sight of historic downtown Grapevine, TX you get caught up in the old-timey flavor and charm. It's a one-of-a-kind, friendly and walkable little town, and the heart of it all lies on Main Street. Although I only had about a half day to spend there, I managed to see quite a bit, so here are some fun ideas on what to se...
by Liz Mays READ MORE
Planning a Getaway to Grapevine, Texas
Last month I had the pleasure of attending Travel Media Showcase for the first time in the lovely city of Grapevine, Texas, which is located halfway between Dallas & Forth Worth. While I spent a good part of my first visit to the state of Texas at the actual showcase events, I did get a little time to explore the resort we were staying at...
by Carrie Robinson READ MORE
8 Great Things to Do in Amarillo
"Step Into the Real Texas," they like to say in Amarillo, Texas. While Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas panhandle, it is even one of the dozen largest cities in Texas. "Real Texas," I gather, means avoiding the hustle and mayhem of the big city and appreciating the people, things, and surroundings.
by Charles McCool READ MORE
This Is Africa
Christopher Riley
Travel Media Showcase is proud to share "This Is Africa: A journey from Kenya to Uganda," a spectacular photo essay by New Jersey-based landscape and portrait photographer Christopher Riley. We want to encourage this talented young man to follow his dreams of being a journalist and hope that everyone enjoys this sample of his work.
Charles McCool

Journalist Spotlight

Charles McCool

TMS is thrilled to take the opportunity to spotlight some of our TMS Mamas and Papas. Click here to get to know some fun facts about Charles McCool.
Smaller Can Be A Good Thing, Even In Texas! Part 2: Frisco
September 2, 2016
Frisco is considered Texas' rising star, with good cause. Art and history buffs will appreciate the unique sculpture garden and the many works of Public Art ranging from obelisks with western history to incredible bronze depictions of cattle drives from the Shawnee Trail days.
Indy Zoo Orangutan Center To Help Endangered Species
September 1, 2016
Ambling through an open door, Azy the orangutan flops on a large seat and eyes the computer screen in front of him. Watching Dr. Robert Shumaker through a huge observation window in an adjoining room, Azy patiently waits for symbols to appear on the computer screen. Then the action starts.
Yes, things are bigger in Texas. Take Waco, for instance, with its mammoths, college, Lone Ranger
September 1, 2016
They say everything is bigger in Texas. How true is that? On a recent trip to several cities in Texas, we found out that their bragging may be right on. For instance, just in Waco... Baylor University in Waco is the largest Baptist college in the world. We were told that one of its buildings, the Baylor Sciences Building, is the largest collegiate building as well. The building houses multiple research and service facilities, six academic departments - such as physics and chemistry - and more than a dozen interdisciplinary centers, according to the college website. There's more than 150 labs and almost 40 class and conference rooms inside those walls.
Smaller Can Be A Good Thing, Even In Texas! Part 1: Grapevine
August 31, 2016
We've all heard that everything is bigger and better in Texas: big hair, big steaks, big ranches, big guns, and big cities. However, if you only visit the big Texas cities you'll miss out on discovering some real Lone Star heart and soul. Grapevine, Frisco, and Irving are three smaller, distinctly different, road-trip worthy getaways that are all just about a 30-minute drive from Dallas.
Gigantic Gift: A Girlfriend Getaway in Grapevine Texas
August 31, 2016
Recently I attended Travel Media Showcase in Grapevine, Texas which I highly recommend. Before the conference began, I had the gigantic gift of being invited on a Girlfriend Getaway with nine other wonderful women writers. We dined, drank and painted our way through town. I loved walking on Main Street to the Farmer's Market with Kelly Stilwell from Virtually Yours. She tasted fresh organic figs as well as orange watermelon from a nearby farm. I had never eaten orange watermelon and it was a sweet treat.
Inside tips for exploring Galveston Island, TX,
August 31, 2016
Recently named a "Destination on the Rise" by TripAdvisor, Galveston Island, Texas, with its 32-mile-long coast, is finally getting the recognition it so richly deserves. Granted, locals have always appreciated this year-round coastal spot, a stone's throw from the Gulf of Mexico, particularly since they added seven miles of brand new beaches in 2016. After a recent visit, I can attest that the luxury accommodations, well-preserved Victorian architecture, endless harbor front eateries, eclectic attractions, and a hopping Mardi Gras scene (third largest in the country) are just a few of the many reasons to plan a visit to this charming southern seaport.
Travel Media Showcase: Unsurpassed Destinations & Tremendous Art in Texas
August 27, 2016
What is Travel Media Showcase? I asked the same question and am so glad I found the answers and participated in this year in the conference run by J. Vero & Associates. TMS brings "together leading print and broadcast travel media to meet with representatives from the United States, Canada, and international destinations in a highly organized and business-like format involving pre-scheduled one-on-one appointments and fam tours."
Tossing tortillas
August 24, 2016
Waco, Texas, owns a lovely suspension bridge in the heart of downtown, next to giant outdoor sculptures of cowboys and longhorns. The 1870 bridge was the first across the Brazos River and once part of the Chisholm Trail. Walk out toward the middle of the bridge and you'll find an old concrete pillar off to the side, situated in the water. It's just close enough to be a challenge for bridge pedestrians to throw something on top.
Finding My Story at The Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne
July 13, 2016
Here's a fact that may surprise you: the residents of Fort Wayne, Indiana, pay more per capita for their library than residents of large cities like New York or Boston. What would become the Allen County Library was begun by the Fort Wayne Woman's Reading Club in 1895. I'm sure they never imagined their project, designed to put books in the hands of everyone, would draw people from across the US and Canada as they searched for their family history.
Mesa Verde Country: On the Trail of the Ancients, Part One
June 29, 2016
Some of American's most intriguing mysteries surround the Anasazi culture of Mesa Verde. Modern Anthropology is uncovering many secrets about these ancient people including the fact that they are the ancestors of the modern day Pueblo tribes, thus the name has been changed. Today, they are called Ancient Puebloans. Anasazi is a Navajo word meaning "Ancient People" or "Ancient Enemy" and offensive to the Pueblo tribes.
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