Top 5 Multigenerational Vacations for Every Budget
According to findings from the 2015 MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers survey, more than 40 percent of Americans reported taking a multigenerational trip in the previous year. And demand continues to rise, with MMGY Global forecasting multigenerational trips to increase by 7 percent in 2016.
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Taking the Kids -- an important history lesson through baseball in Kansas City
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They were among the best baseball players in the United States, traveling cross-country to play the game they loved before cheering fans. But they were often forced to sleep on their bus and eat peanut butter crackers. "They could fill up the ballpark but couldn't get a meal or a place to stay from the same fans that had just cheered them...
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Top 3 Reasons Kansas City, MO should be on your Family Travel radar
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When I arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, I expected to find good barbecue joints and plenty of jazz. What I didn't expect to find is a lovely metro mecca brimming with opportunities for family travel fun! Though my time in the city was limited, thanks to the Kansas City xx and TMSKC conference, I was able to experience a good range of act...
by Barb Webb READ MORE
Check out the Turkish fiddle and Buddhist sand art
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Featured in the 7,000-square-foot exhibition are fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls from Israel, a large stone from the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Jewish devotional objects taken into space by former astronaut David Wolf; the trunk Mormon leader Brigham Young carried from New York to Utah, a piece of the Kiswa (a gold-embroidered fabric, w...
by Jackie Sheckler Finch READ MORE
A Review of the Westin Crown Center Kansas City
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Given the choice of hotel chains for my business trips, I'll usually choose a Westin. Their Heavenly Bed and Heavenly Bath make for such a relaxing stay. Last month, as part of the TMS Family Travel Conference, I stayed at the Westin Crown Center Kansas City, which is a great hotel for a Kansas City family vacation.
by Jodi Grundig READ MORE
These Photos Will Make You Want to Visit New Orleans This Christmas
read more under TMS 2014 Lake Charles, LA
New Orleans is one of those cities that comes alive during the holidays. Though always a place to laissez les bons temps rouler, the air simply vibrates with celebration at Christmas time. My past Christmas visit was solo, courtesy of the New Orleans CVB, but reliving my trip through the photos I took really makes me want to plan a visit ...
by Jody Halsted READ MORE
This Is Africa
Christopher Riley
Travel Media Showcase is proud to share "This Is Africa: A journey from Kenya to Uganda," a spectacular photo essay by New Jersey-based landscape and portrait photographer Christopher Riley. We want to encourage this talented young man to follow his dreams of being a journalist and hope that everyone enjoys this sample of his work.
Deb Thompson

Journalist Spotlight

Deb Thompson

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Top 5 Multigenerational Vacations for Every Budget
November 17, 2015
According to findings from the 2015 MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers survey, more than 40 percent of Americans reported taking a multigenerational trip in the previous year. And demand continues to rise, with MMGY Global forecasting multigenerational trips to increase by 7 percent in 2016.
Things to Do With Kids in Kansas City, MO
October 27, 2015
Admittedly, I don't get to travel to the midwest as much as I'd like to. I've always enjoyed my trips there - there are so many fantastic museums, family attractions, and other things to do. A few weeks ago, as part of the TMS Family Travel Conference, I had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City, MO. Throughout the conference weekend, I also was able to experience some of the best things to do with kids in Kansas City, MO.
Visit to Indiana winery included ice wine tasting
October 26, 2015
By the time we reached Oliver Winery and Vineyards (8024 North State Road 27, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404, +1 812-876-5800,,, 10 miles from the heart of Bloomington, Indiana, the waning sun was way past its zenith, its rays showing off the winery gardens to their best advantage. To one side of the entrance, I caught a glimpse of a small pond surrounded by green lawns and inviting picnic tables in the cool shade.
Sacred Journeys at Indy Children's Museum seeks to bring peace, understanding
October 25, 2015
Museum officials note that America is home to followers of hundreds of religious faiths, yet few know much about their neighbor's beliefs, practices or traditions. The goal is that by visiting the exhibit families will be able to observe, discuss and begin to understand some of the beliefs and sacred journeys made by people around the world.
Sacred Journeys at Indy Children's Museum seeks to bring peace, understanding
October 25, 2015
Although it was much bigger, far more worn and centuries older than his copy at home, Trey Scott knew immediately what was in the exhibit case before him. "It's the Bible," he says, turning to see his father, Will Scott, nodding in agreement.
A Hidden Gem In Indianapolis, Indiana: The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
October 22, 2015
I visit Indianapolis quite regularly now that my daughter and her family moved there two years ago. It's a nice city, not too big and not too small. It's a sports city - the Colts, Pacers, Indy Speedway and the home of the NCAA. They have a zoo that is known worldwide for its design and conservation/research efforts on behalf of Orangutans, and many colleges and universities with national standing. I'm a big museum person and was delighted to hear that there was a museum dedicated to Native Americans - their culture and art - on the western edge of downtown Indianapolis, in White River State Park.
Wisconsin's Door County has natural beauty, rich history to thrill visitors
September 19, 2015
Door County, Wis., was never high on my list of vacation spots. The drive seemed too long, and I imagined I would find the place too touristy. Turns out, I was wrong on both counts. First of all, Wisconsin 29 was upgraded to a four-lane expressway a few years ago, cutting an hour or more off the drive time and making the journey from St. Paul to Green Bay far easier and safer. You can leave the Twin Cities at 7 a.m. and be in Door County in time for lunch.
Fort Wayne, Indiana: My New Home Away From Home
September 4, 2015
A few weeks ago, I was chosen to be one of 60 travel writers to attend this year's Travel Media Showcase in Bloomington, Indiana. This showcase was a chance for writers and travel destinations to get a chance to come together to learn more about one another. The Travel Showcase was set up sort of like a speed dating event giving each writer 15 minutes to chat with the various CVBs. While this was my first time attending the Travel Media Showcase it definitely won't be my last. I love how organized and straight to the point the showcase was; I got a chance to learn about some great destinations and I met some very cool people in the process.
For $60, You Can Now Lap the Speedway in an IndyCar
September 3, 2015
Hundreds of thousands of people jam into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway each May to watch the annual 500-mile race. The event is an assault on the senses: the whine of the alcohol-fueled turbocharged Chevy and Honda engines mixes with the roar of the spectators packing the stands, the smell of burnt rubber and fuel exhaust, and blur of cars averaging speeds approaching 240 miles an hour.
Visiting Bloomington Indiana - What To Do!
August 31, 2015
An Indiana University visit many, many years ago brought me to Bloomington Indiana but I never left the campus, so it was fun to explore the city itself recently. Bloomington is home to a vibrant college community, but still retains small town charm, and the thriving art, cultural and foodie scene make it a destination well worth visiting.
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