Sipping Wine in Grapevine, Texas

Tamara Gruber
September 21, 2016
Sipping Wine in Grapevine, Texas
If ever a wine destination was aptly named, it is Grapevine, Texas. This charming little town, just minutes from the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth airport, is an unexpected throwback to a time of main streets and steam trains. Although these days, that main street is lined with cute shops, restaurants, and wineries, and the train is the Jazz Wine Train on the historic Grapevine Railroad. This combination of wine, food and shopping makes a great destination for a girlfriend getaway. I recently visited with a few gal pals and fellow writers for the Travel Media Showcase conference and had a chance to sip my way through Grapevine and have some recommendations for wine tasting in Grapevine.
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