Kevin Wierzbicki

A native of Flint, Michigan and longtime resident of Phoenix, Arizona, Kevin travels the world (and makes plenty of trips to his mailbox) in search of good music and exciting travel adventures and very often finds them both in one place. Below you'll find links to lots of his recently published pieces, including specialty columns On the Record (for vinyl fanatics), Passport (spotlight on international music), Root 66 (Americana and roots music) and Get the Blues (well, you know.) Kevin's Road Trip series, along with other travel pieces, finds him recounting his exploits in exotic places like Malaysia, Mexico, Greenland and French Polynesia but he also frequently reports from the U.S. where he's just as likely to pop up in Bloomington (that's Indiana...) as he is in Nashville. Kevin's work has also been published in USA Today Mexican/Caribbean edition, The Arizona Republic, The Desert Leaf (Tucson), Campus Circle (Los Angeles), Broughton Quarterly, and many other publications.

Blogs By Kevin Wierzbicki