Susan Finch

Susan Finch founded Freelance Parenthood after freelancing for 15+ years. Ten of those were spent working as a commercial video editor on accounts for Twix, Wendy's, Nike, Milky Way, AT&T, Sprint, Marriott, NYC Tourism, Lego, Target and other major brands. (My stories were once told in 30 seconds or less).

I switched gears and elbowed my way into travel and lifestyle writing, landing features and travel guide work. While I quickly built my career portfolio, my peers faithfully followed the traditional advice up the corporate ladder and waited for their big break that never seemed to happen. Many of them are still waiting or slowly suffocating in the demands of work + family. In my 15 plus years of working, I also served as a naming consultant, Multimedia Director for a Broadway marketing firm, promo concept writer, iPhone and iPad content, features writer and more.

I'm currently raising a 2+ year old in Atlanta and balancing playdates with deadlines.

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