William Gurstelle

Named to Wired Magazine's Smart List, and a two time TED speaker, William Gurstelle is a journalist, registered engineer, and professional speaker.

William's books have sold more than a half million copies. His books, typically a blend of travel, history, and science, are published by Random House and Chicago Review Press in the USA, Sterling in the UK, and Goldmann/Rogner-Bernhard in Germany.

A world traveler, Bill's writing and speaking assignments have taken him around the world to such far flung locales as Borneo, Devil's Island, the Falkland Islands, New Caledonia, the Yukon, Tierra del Fuego, and Spitsbergen. His writing appears in Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Men's Journal, Wired, Cruise Travel Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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