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I am MJ, 17 Years old with a summer birthday which means great vacay's as a present. I am on an ice hockey team and a paintball team. You might also see me in a lot #WhereNikoTravels photos, even tho he is my kid brother we are on all trips together an inseparable.

For me, travel is about new experiences which have to include an adrenaline rush and burgers and wings to feed the need of my stomach eating the inside out after all the fun.

From paintballing in the backwoods (and getting poison ivy as my ROI) to snorkeling at a ledge in Klein, Bonaire that dropped off 7000 feet incredible opps have my name written all over them.

Since I started traveling with my mom on her insane trips, I have made it clear that in order for me to come along, there needs to be a stop at a pizza place, a burger place (even have eaten a PB&J topped burger) and of course wings. But there are other things teens crave.

WiFi has to be an option because if you can't post it, were you really there? Snap streaks are up there on my list of 'GOTTA' cause bragging rights with those amazing destinations we have already been to and of course, the ones I am about to journey on are part of the thrill and who I am.

Favorite trips have included: Daytime lounging around the all-inclusive resorts, with food being delivered to my seat while I work on my tan. *tops optional.

Of course, the highlight of one of my trips was nailing my mom on the arm with paintballs and hearing her swear!

ATV riding on trails was fun and then there were Sierra Madres Mountains where we were in a Polaris - That's a whole other story. The top of the Altun Ha Ruins (Masonry Altars) was a great climb and at the end, the alligator I held was the experience. You know how they often say the climb is the prize here it was the descent.

One thing I hope to find is a resort that gets TEENS and the need for space and the ability to socialize with others, like Carnival did. That trip with Carnival was perfection. We had our own room, and our own schedule and NEVER lacked for things to do. Of course, we have been other ships with so much less and so much more of a drag other than the ports of call. Oh I guess you see I am gonna be real with I chat here, no sugarcoating crappy trips.

Amusement parks prevail with coasters, yet I still freak about restraints, and love on Disney, Universal & Kings Island.

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